Earn millions from the bare roof of your house

By | July 14, 2023

Earn lakhs from the empty roof of your house :- Now a days everyone is facing scams, people are looking for some kind of work to avoid this scam, people are thinking of doing small business from home along with job. No need to go anywhere if you want to know new bisiness opportunities then read this article completely.

Earn from the empty roof of your house

To earn from roof any company can put their company advertisement or any device on the roof of your house and in return they can give you rent or commission or money in return for this all the information about various opportunities are given below which Read from Dayan.

One can earn by putting up hoardings

You can earn by holding your house for advertising the company that has done the holding and pays you rent in return for this you have to contact the advertising company, the company should like your place.

Earning can be done by installing mobile towers

Apart from this you can also earn by installing a mobile company tower on your roof. Companies that install mobile towers pay money in return. If you install a tower on your roof, you need to get a certificate for it

Earning can be done by installing solar plant

You can also earn by installing solar plants. Not only does it generate electricity, but it also relieves you of paying bills. You can earn good money by installing solar plant. You can earn good money by generating electricity and selling it. After signing a power purchase agreement with the power companies, a meter will be installed at your home. This meter will let you know how much electricity you have sold. About 80,000 rupees have to be invested for this business.

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