Damini App specially useful for Monsoon: It will alert you before lightning strikes

By | July 10, 2023

Scientists have set up a lightning location network with 48 sensors across the country. It is on this basis that the Damini app has been developed. which gives the information about the possible location of lightning within a distance of 40 km. There is an app using which you can know about the lightning within your radius of 20-31 km. Apart from electricity, it also gives you information about bad weather, along with this you can also get information about rain with this app.

Damini App Information

This app is not an ordinary weather app, this app is primarily designed to provide information about lightning, so this app will tell you when and where the most lightning will occur.
By turning on your location in this app, you can know about lightning and bad weather around you. In this, you are also given safety related information like what to do if there is a lightning strike anywhere near you, along with what to do and what precautions to take if you are struck by lightning. By using the information provided by this app, many people have saved you from lightning damage.

How to use Damini App

To use this application, it is very important to have an internet connection in your phone and it is very important to have live-location services.
By opening this app, you will be asked for permission to allow your smartphone’s GPS services, if your phone already has GPS service enabled, you will see a live map of your current location.

The app shows this type of icon where the weather is bad, as well as 2 green colored ranges on your live-location, indicating whether there is any danger in that far area. Whether there is a concern/disaster. or not and keeps you alert for all these issues. The range is 20 Km. is 40 Km from Available in a range.

In this app, it also tells how long lightning is likely to strike. In this app, you can also search for any other location from the search-bar to find out whether lightning is likely to occur at that location, and it clearly states below whether there is a lightning warning in the area.

What to do if you get an alert on Damini App

If there is going to be lightning in your area, Damini App will warn you in advance. In that case, to avoid getting electrocuted, do not stand in open fields, under trees, hilly areas, around mountains at all. Avoid washing utensils made of metals and avoid bathing altogether. Avoid the rain and also do not stand where water has collected on the ground. Do not use an umbrella at all. Stay away from high tension electric wires and towers. Keep going indoors. If it is outside and it is not possible to go home, sit on your knees in an open place with your ears closed. Stay home when the danger is over.

How to download Damini app

First of all open playstore app in your phone.
Then type Damini in the top search bar.
As soon as you do this search, an app called Damini will appear in the top search on your phone.
Using the install button next to it, you can download and install.

Benefits of Damini App

Using the Damini app, you can stay informed about lightning activity nearby, allowing you to take immediate precautionary measures.

Continuous Alerts: The app ensures continuous alerts, even if you haven’t actively opened it. By keeping your phone’s data and GPS enabled, you receive automatic notifications ensuring your safety without any hassle.

Interactive 3D Map: The Damini app includes a comprehensive map of India, allowing users to visualize lightning-prone areas. With its zoom-in and zoom-out capabilities, this interactive map provides an in-depth understanding of current lightning patterns across the country.

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