Chandrayan 3 Launching Live: Chandrayan 3 preparing to fly, live launch from here

By | July 14, 2023

Chandrayan 3 Launching Live: India has already registered many achievements in space exploration. The latest upgraded Bahubali rocket i.e. Launch Vehicle Mark-3 (MV-3) is ready for the launch of Chandrayan-3 at Sriharikota Space Station in Andhra Pradesh. Launching of MV-3 The ratio is reported as 100%. It is to be noted that the countdown of Mission Chandrayaan-3 has started and the launch will take place on Friday at 2.35 pm. Now the eyes of the whole country including the people of the world are on this launch of Chandrayaan.

Amidst all this, ISRO scientists reached the Tirupati temple for the success of this machine. The scientists also took a miniature model of Chandrayaan-3 with them for worship. Chandrayaan will land on the moon on August 24-25. The rover will orbit the lander in 360 degrees for the next 14 days. The lander will also transmit images of the wheel marks made by the rover on the lunar surface to Earth.

4th country to plant national flag on moon

With the success of this Chandrayaan, India will not only become the fourth country to plant its national flag on the Moon, but also the first country to approach the South Pole of the Moon. This is the same area where the Moon Impact Probe was launched during Chandrayaan-1 and ISRO discovered water here. .The crash landing of Chandrayaan-2 took place here during the launch.

Moon very important

Due to the gravitational force of the moon, the earth rotates slowly. If there was no moon, the earth would rotate faster, the day would pass faster. If there was no moon, the day would be only six hours long. If there was no moon, we would neither see a lunar eclipse nor a solar eclipse. When A lunar eclipse occurs on Earth. Then a solar eclipse occurs on the Moon. Both the moon and the sun appear to be the same size from the earth. Being 400 times closer to the earth than the sun, the moon is seen in comparison to the sun. Only 55% to 60% of the Moon is visible to the naked eye from Earth. So far, 12 men have gone to the Moon. However, since 1972, no human has landed on the surface of the Moon in the last 51 years.

Chandrayaan-2 was a tentative success in 2019. For 4 years, ISRO continuously conducted such tests and researches to counter every possible flaw of Chandrayaan-3.

Things to know about Chandrayaan 3

What is the Chandrayaan-3 mission?

Chandrayaan-3 mission is the successor mission of Chandrayaan-2 mission which was launched in the year 2019. In which the soft landing of the lander and rover can be seen running on the surface

What is the main purpose of Chandrayaan-3?

The main purpose of this Chandrayaan is to explore the Moon’s surface, atmosphere and subsurface activities

How is Chandrayaan-3 different from Chandrayaan-2?

Chandrayaan-2 had a lander, a rover and an orbiter. While Chandrayaan-3 has a fully indigenous propulsion module instead of an orbiter.

How many days will Chandrayaan-3 work?

According to scientists 3 to 4 months will work

Which rocket will carry Chandrayaan?

ISRO LVM-3 launcher will be used for the launch of Chandrayaan-3.

After how many days will Lander-Rover land on the moon?

After launch on July 14, the Chandrayaan lander will make a soft landing on the lunar surface in 45 to 50 days.

What is the most difficult part of the Chandrayaan mission?

Soft landing of the lander on the lunar surface is the most difficult task.

How many countries of the world have landed on the moon?

Before this, 4 countries of the world have tried soft landing on the moon.

Chandrayaan 3 Launching Live

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