Top 5 Most Venomous Plants In The World

By | August 13, 2022

Top 5 Most Venomous Plants In The World

5 Most Venomous Plants : Our World Is Full Of Many Strange Creatures And Creatures. Out Of These, Which Are The Most, Those Are The Trees And Plants Which Are Associated With The Life Of All Beings. If All The Trees And Plants Of The World Disappear, Then The Existence Of All Living Beings Along With Humans Will Be Extinct. That’s Why There Is Always Talk Of Saving Trees. But There Are Some Such Trees In This World Which Are Very Dangerous For Us (Most Venomous Plants In The World). Far From Touching It, One Should Never Even Go Near These Trees.

5 Most Venomous Plants

Top 5 Most Venomous Plants In The World : Name & Details

1) Gympie Stinger-


5 Most Venomous Plants : Found Mostly In Australia, These Trees Are Very Beautiful To See. But These Beautiful Looking Plants Are Full Of Small Thorns (Most Venomous Plants In The World). And These Thorns Are Quite Dangerous. Because There Is A Huge Amount Of Poison In These Thorns. If A Human Or Any Animal Touches It, Then The Poison From These Thorns Will Go Into His Body. And The Effect Of This Poison Can Also Lead To The Death Of A Person.

2) Possumwood-

These Trees Are Found Mostly In The Rainforest Of The Amazon, And They Are One Of The Most Dangerous Trees In The World (Most Venomous Plants In The World). Its Most Dangerous Thing Is That When Its Fruits Are Cooked, Then It Explodes Like A Bomb. At The Time Of Bursting, Its Seeds Fail At A Speed Of About 250 Km Per Hour. If They Hit A Person’s Body, Then They Can Get Seriously Injured.

3) Suicide Tree-

The Real Name Of This Tree Found In Many Countries Of Asia Including India Is Cerbera Adolum. But Most People Know It By The Name Of Suicide Tree. But Why So? Because A Dangerous Fruit Grows On This Tree Which Is Very Poisonous (Most Venomous Plants In The World). Alkaloids Are Found Inside The Seeds Of This Fruit, Which Are Very Dangerous For The Heart And Respiratory System. In Appearance, This Fruit Is Like A Simple Guava Or A Nectar. But Many People Have Died In Kerala Due To Its Consumption.

4) Taxus Baccata-

Found Mostly In Europe, Africa And Asia Continent, This Fruit Looks Very Beautiful And Its Shape Is Like An Apple. But This Tree Is Very Dangerous. Except For The Seed, There Is A Poison Called Texin In The Remaining Parts Of This Tree. And This Poison Is So Dangerous That If It Enters The Body Of Any Human Or Animal, It Will Die In A Moment.

5) Rosary Pea-

5 Most Venomous Plants

The Seeds Of This Tree Found In India Are Very Beautiful. Jewelery Is Made From Its Seeds. That Is, The Real Meaning Of Its Rosary Name Is Garland. This Plant Is Quite Small And Is Mostly Seen In Bushes. Although Its Leaves And Seeds Are Not Poisonous (Most Venomous Plants In The World), But They Show Their True Form When This Seed Is Broken Or Chewed. There Is A Toxic Element Named Arbin In It, Of Which Only 3 Micrograms Is Enough To Kill A Human.

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